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  Miscellaneous Events in the History of the 20th, 1942 - 2001
23 Jul 42 Activated: 20th Photographic Mapping Squadron (20th PMS) at Colorado Springs AAB, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Initial strength: two officers and one enlisted man: 2nd Lts. Bernard Smith and Harold Hefflinger, and Pvt. James Ford

  Activated: 4th Photographic Group (4th PG) at Colorado Springs AAB. (The 20th PMS was subordinate to the 4th PG)
18 Nov 42 Squadron received its first aircraft, a North American B-25C-1 Mitchell, s/n 41-13244, named "Dat's All Brother"
13 Dec 42 Colorado Springs AAB renamed Peterson AAB in honor of 1st. Lt. Edward J. Peterson, Operations Officer of 10th Photo Recon Squadron, who was killed in an F-4 take-off crash on 8 Aug 42
9 Feb 43 Reorganized: from 20th Photographic Mapping Squadron to 20th Photographic Squadron (Heavy) (20th PS (H))
5 Mar 43 Peterson AAB assigned to Third Air Force. New mission: heavy bomber (B-24) combat crew training by the 214th Combat Crew Training School
15 Aug 43 Reorganized: from 20th Photographic Squadron (Heavy) to 20th Combat Mapping Squadron (20th CMS)
1 Sep 43 Squadron strength: 62 officers, 3 flying officers (F/O), 1 Warrant Officer and 383 enlisted men
7 Sep 43 Squadron ground echelon separated from air echelon (which remained at Peterson), in preparation for tranfer overseas
25 Sep 43 Ground echelon departed Camp Stoneman, California for Australia aboard USS Westpoint
1 Oct 43 Ground echelon strength: 10 officers, 1 Warrant Officer, and 268 enlisted men
2 Oct 43 Air echelon reassigned from Peterson Field, Colorado Springs, Colorado, to Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Third Air Force.
10 Oct 43 Ground echelon arrived Sydney, Australia
11 Oct 43 Ground echelon arrived Warwick Farms, Australia
22 Nov 43 Ground echelon departed Warwick Farms, Australia
23 Nov 43 Ground echelon arrived Doomben, Queensland, Australia
1 Dec 43 Ground echelon departed Doomben, Australia for Port Moresby, New Guinea aboard USS White
10 Dec 43 Squadron ground echelon arrived APO 923. Temporarily quartered at Pleasant Valley, Port Moresby, New Guinea
  This date marks the start of the 20th Combat Mapping Squadron's New Guinea Campaign
11 Dec 43 20th Combat Mapping Squadron released from 4th Photographic Group and attached to 6th Photographic Group
15 Dec 43 Ground echelon moved to squadron area at Port Moresby, New Guinea
10 Jan 44 Air echelon ordered to move from Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia for staging to the Pacific.
13 Feb 44 Ground echelon departed Port Moresby, New Guinea and arrived at Nadzab, New Guinea, APO 713
23 Feb 44 At 2300 hours, this date, first crew and aircraft (Lt. Wooten's in F-7A 42-64047) of the 20th Combat Mapping Squadron air echelon departed Fairfield, California for New Guinea
16 Mar 44 The first crew and aircraft (Lt. Wilson's in F-7A 42-64051) of the 20th Combat Mapping Squadron air echelon arrived Nadzab, New Guinea
5 Apr 44 First combat mission flown by the 20th Combat Mapping Squadron: Hollandia, New Guinea by Rives' crew in F-7A 42-64200 and JH Wooten's crew in F-7A 42-64047
25 Jul 44 First combat mission flown in an F-7B (44-40199) by the 20th Combat Mapping Squadron: to Wewak area, Maj. Davis, pilot
3 Sep 44 Squadron operating from Biak Island
15 Nov 44 Ground echelon at Dulag, Leyte. Air echelon remained at Biak
25 Jan 45 Air echelon, based at Dulag, Leyte, but operating from Tacloban, Leyte
24 Feb 45 Air echelon operating from San Jose, Mindoro
17 May 45 20th Combat Mapping Squadron operating from Clark Field, Luzon
15 June 45 Redesignated: 20th Combat Mapping Squadron as the 20th Reconnaissance Squadron, Long Range, Photographic-RCM (20th RS, LR, P-RCM)
  Redesignated: 6th Photographic Group, Reconnaissance as the 6th Reconnaissance Group
4 Aug 45 Squadron operating from Okinawa
18 Aug 45 Sgt. Anthony J. Marchione, 20th RS aerial gunner, killed by attacking Japanese fighters while flying reconnaissance over Tokyo with the 312th BG, 386th BS in B-32 s/n 42-108578

S/Sgt. Joseph M. Lacharite, 20th RS aerial photographer, also aboard 42-108578, was wounded

31 Aug 45 Last recorded combat mission for the squadron in WW II: Mission number 243Z-1, 14 hr 10 min to Tokyo area by F-7B 44-42028 (Lt. Eisele), F-7B 44-42031 (Lt. Warren), F-7B 44-42135 (Lt. French), F-7B 44-42239 (Lt. Leeder), #269 (sic) (Lt. Essig), and F-7B 44-42350 (Capt. Gessner)
2 Sep 45 V-J Day. Japanese sign the instrument of surrender aboard USS Missouri anchored in Tokyo bay
Post War
Until Jun 46 Photo-mapped Japan as part of the War Department's Post Hostilities Mapping Project
20 Jun 46 Deactivated: 20th Reconnaissance Squadron, Long Range, Photographic-RCM
11 Mar 47 Redesignated: 20th Reconnaissance Squadron (Night Photographic)
25 Jul 47 Activated in the reserve
27 Jun 49 Redesignated: 20th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron (Photographic Mapping)
1 May 51 Ordered to active service
16 May 51 Inactivated: 20th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron (Photographic Mapping).
14 Jan 54 Redesignated: 20th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (Photographic)
18 Mar 54 Activated: 20th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (Photographic)

Flew RF-101C's over Cuba during Cuban Missile Crisis in the fall of 1962

Flew RF-101C's over North Vietnam, 1965-1967

1967 Inactivated: 20th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (Photographic)
1992 Reactivated and Redesignated: 20th Air Intelligence Squadron
1993- Redesignated: 20th Intelligence Squadron

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