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4 December 1943
F-7 42-40494, on a night cross-country flight to Reading, Pennsylvania, crashed near Elverson, Pennsylvania. Sgt. John F. Gillespie, AM gunner, was thrown clear and survived.

  • 2nd Lt. George W. Wimsatt, pilot
  • 2nd Lt. Allan B. Hamilton, copilot
  • 2nd Lt. Martin Queenth, navigator
  • T/Sgt. Walter G. Kellbach, crew chief
  • T/Sgt. Rufus Mobley, engineer
  • S/Sgt. Vincent B. McNally, AM gunner
  • S/Sgt. Joseph R. Guay, radio operator
  • Sgt. Robert E. Hawkins, gunner
  • Sgt. Vern A. Vandelin, gunner
  • 2nd Lt. George E. O'Brien, passenger on leave

29 March 1944
Reserve aircraft F-7A 42-64056, ferried by an Air Transport Command (ATC) crew, crashed into the Pacific an hour after departing Fairfield-Suisun, California for Hickam Field, Hawaii en route to New Guinea. Two members of the squadron--Sgt. Joseph J. Kuchinski, sheet metal worker, and 1st Lt. Willard F. Tidyman, assistant lab commander--parachuted to safety. There were no other survivors.

Four (4) unidentified ATC personnel

Four (4) 20th CMS ground personnel:

  • Sgt. Jack B. Bierman, draftsman
  • Sgt. Arnold I. Bernstein, administrative NCO
  • Sgt. Warren V. Burns, draftsman
  • S/Sgt. Guy C. Turner, photo lab technician

22 May 1944
F-7A 42-73052 crashed near the peak of Mt. Wilhelm, New Guinea, in early morning darkness. It was en-route to a mission over Padaidori Island. There were no survivors.

  • 1st Lt. Loren G. Barstow, pilot
  • 2nd Lt. Jack S. Connor, copilot
  • 2nd Lt. Douglas E. Puck, navigator
  • S/Sgt. Harold M. Valentine, radio operator
  • S/Sgt. Edwin R. Maille, engineer
  • S/Sgt. Leonard Diamond, photographer
  • Sgt. John W. Schmitt, gunner
  • Sgt. George M. Harvey, gunner
  • Sgt. Stephen J. Boudreaux, gunner
  • S/Sgt. Luis Degallado, gunner
  • S/Sgt. George Dick, gunner

9 June 1944
F-7A 42-73044 blew the right tire landing at Saidor, New Guinea. This crew was one of three scheduled to stage from Saidor the next day for a mission to the Geelvink Bay area. Two crew members survived.

  • 1st Lt. Roy A. Hunt, pilot
  • 2nd Lt. Barry C. Conway, copilot
  • Sgt. Ernest Rushing, engineer
  • S/Sgt. William S. Willison, photographer
  • S/Sgt. Lawrence J. Winkel, radio operator
  • S/Sgt. Cecil Pearson, gunner
  • Sgt. James F. Whitmore, gunner
  • S/Sgt. Francis J. Reilly, gunner

30 September 1944
F-7B 44-40422 lost returning from mission 274Z-3 to Leyte, Philippine Islands.

  • 1st Lt. Royce E. Harms, pilot
  • 2nd Lt. Thomas Rafael, copilot
  • 1st Lt. Gerald P. Smith, navigator
  • T/Sgt. Stephen H. Laichak, engineer
  • T/Sgt. James R. Reynolds, Jr., radio operator
  • S/Sgt. Melvin J. West, photographer
  • Sgt. Harold E. Amos, gunner
  • Sgt. Herbert G. Julian, gunner
  • Sgt. Boyd D. Berg, gunner
  • Sgt. Samuel T. Catlin, gunner
  • Sgt. Raymond T. Weld, gunner

11 January 1945
F-7B 44-40961 lost returning from mission 11D-3 to Southeast Luzon.

  • 2nd Lt. Francis N. Riley, pilot
  • 2nd Lt. Charles E. Steinsberger, copilot
  • 2nd Lt. Howard (NMI) Flagg, Jr., navigator
  • S/Sgt. Ralph O. Schadewald, engineer
  • S/Sgt. Casimir W. Szczawinski, radio operator
  • Cpl. Clement A. McHale, photographer
  • Sgt. James A. Seeley, gunner
  • Sgt. William S. Sheyon, gunner
  • Sgt. Joseph F. Phillips, gunner
  • Sgt. Marvin H. Normington, gunner
  • T/Sgt. Julian C. Langdon, gunner

29 January 1945
A C-46 taking off from Tacloban, Letye crashed into F-7B 44-40659 and another C-46 parked along side it. The three aircraft exploded.

  • 2nd Lt. Richard I. Tubbs, pilot
  • 2nd Lt. Paul J. Vivian, copilot
  • T/Sgt. Leland L. Lane, engineer

25 May 1945
F-7A 42-73047, destroyed landing at Boroke Strip, Biak.

  • 2nd Lt. John D. Pelham, copilot

18 August 1945
While flying aboard a B-32 (42-108578) of the 312th Bomb Group, 386th Bomb Squadron, Sgt. Anthony J. Marchione was killed over Honshu in an attack by Japanese fighter aircraft. The attack occurred three days after the Japanese had declared their intention for peace

  • Sgt. Anthony J. Marchione, aerial gunner

28 August 1945
Two former members of the 20th (September 1944-May 1945) were killed in a takeoff accident at Yontan Airstrip, Okinawa. B-32 42-108544 of the 312th Bomb Group, 386th Bomb Squadron, skidded off the runway while trying to abort a takeoff. All 13 aboard perished.

  • 1st Lt. Glen W. Bowie, copilot
  • 1st Lt. William P. Colley, navigator

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