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Unless otherwise noted, the photographs on this page are from the scrapbook of my father, "Mel" Varney, ball turret gunner on Capt. Wilson's crew.

These crew photos are from those on the roster in the early months overseas. The 12 crews on the roster at the end of April 1944 (the first month of combat operations) were those of these pilots: Barstow, Brower, Ecoff, Erickson, Harms, Hunt, Noble, Rives, Roberts, Somerville, Wooten, and Wilson. By the end of June 1944, Barstow's crew had been lost and was replaced by Olsen's. In July four more crews were added (Clover's, Davis', McClay's, and Toye's), bringing the total to 16. By the end of January 1945 the number of aircrews had risen to 26, and hovered in the low 20's until the end of the war.

 Barstow's crew Barstow's crew
Standing, L-R: Lt. Jack S. Connor - copilot,
Lt. Victor L. Rushfeldt - navigator,
Lt. Loren G. Barstow - pilot

Photo courtesy of Margaret Elliott - from the scrapbook of her stepfather, William J. Anderson, 20th CMS aerial photographer-gunner

 Brower's crew Brower's crew with F-7A "The Rip Snorter", camouflage paint partially removed
Standing, L-R: Sgt. Leonard Hein - tail gunner, Lt. Otis McClure - copilot, Lt. Leroy Peterson - navigator, Lt. Ralph Brower - pilot, S/Sgt. Challen Wells - photographer, Bruno Mallett - crew chief
Kneeling, L-R: Sgt. Bernard - gunner, Sgt. Fred Brendel - gunner, S/Sgt. E. Burkhardt - radio operator, Sgt. E. C. Beard - gunner, Sgt. Ralph Aikin - engineer, Sgt. Isaac M. Miller - gunner

 Davis'/Adams' crew Davis'/Adams' crew
Standing, L-R: Maj. Joseph Davis - pilot (Sqdn. Cmdr.), Capt. James Adams - pilot, Lt. Fenton Garner - copilot, T/Sgt. Hugh Reynolds - engineer, M/Sgt. William Anderson - photographer, T/Sgt. Donald Urie - radio operator,
Seated, L-R: Sgt. Arthur Liss - gunner, Sgt. Harry Erickson - gunner, Sgt. Jack Hartman - gunner, Sgt. Alcale Bernard - gunner, Sgt. Floyd Sims - gunner

Photo courtesy of Margaret Elliott - from a 1944 Christmas card sent home by her stepfather, William J. Anderson

 Ecoff's crew Ecoff's crew
Standing, L-R: S/Sgt. James Welch - photographer, S/Sgt. George Dilkes - radio operator, T/Sgt. James Duffy - engineer, Lt. Warren Riopelle - navigator, Lt. Lawrence Thibault - copilot, Lt. David W. Ecoff - pilot
Kneeling, L-R: Cpl. Jay H. Smith - tail turret gunner, Sgt. Ray Carlson - waist gunner, Sgt. David Thomas - ball turret gunner, Sgt. Robert Bailey - nose turret gunner, Sgt. Gerald Kells - waist gunner

 Harms' crew Harms' crew with F-7A "Photo Queen", nose art incomplete
Standing, L-R: T/Sgt. Stephen H. Laichak - engineer, Sgt. Herbert G. Julian - gunner, S/Sgt. Melvin J. West - photographer, 2nd Lt. Thomas Rafael - copilot, 1st Lt. Royce E. Harms - pilot
Kneeling, L-R: Sgt. Black - gunner, Sgt. Boyd D. Berg - gunner, T/Sgt. James R. Reynolds - radio operator, Sgt. Samuel T. Catlin - gunner, Sgt. Harold E. Amos - gunner. All in this photo except Sgt. Black were lost on a mission, 30 September 1944

 Hunt's crew Hunt's crew with F-7A "The Wango Wango Bird", nose art incomplete
Standing, L-R: Sgt. Cecil Pearson - gunner, Sgt. Ernest Rushing - engineer, M/Sgt. Judy - flight chief, Lt. Simms - navigator, 2nd Lt. Barry C. Conway - copilot, 1st Lt. Roy A. Hunt - pilot
Kneeling, L-R: S/Sgt. William S. Willison - photographer, Sgt. Smith, Sgt. Russell McSparin - gunner, Sgt. James F. Whitmore - gunner, Sgt. J.J. Jarman - gunner, S/Sgt. Lawrence J. Winkle - radio operator. Seven of the crew pictured here were lost in a landing accident, 9 June 1944.

 Noble's crew Noble's crew with F-7A "Bourbon Boxcar"
Standing, L-R: Lt. (later Capt.) John Noble - pilot, Lt. Joseph McMillen - copilot, Lt. Charles Nutting - navigator, S/Sgt. Edwin Anderson - photographer

 Olsen's crew Olsen's crew with F-7A "The Rip Snorter"
Standing, L-R: S/Sgt. Steven Peer - photographer, S/Sgt. E. P. Stevens - waist gunner, ____ - mechanic, S/Sgt Al Deans - waist gunner, T/Sgt. Wayne O'Neal - engineer, S/Sgt. Stanley Bokelman - radio operator, Lt. Ted Olsen - pilot
Kneeling, L-R: Lt. Elroy Bohlin - copilot, Sgt. Thompson - gunner, Sgt. Dean Schiefelbein - nose gunner, Sgt. Donald Myhill - ball turret gunner, Lt. John Boyd - navigator

Roberts' crewRoberts' crew
Standing, L-R: Capt. John D. Roberts - pilot, Lt. Harry R. Chisek - copilot, Lt. H. Nichols - navigator

 Wilson's crew Wilson's crew with F-7A "Bourbon Boxcar". With no cameras installed one can see through the fuselage
Standing, L-R: S/Sgt. George L. Hagel - photographer, S/Sgt. Frank M. Kujawski - radio operator, T/Sgt. Francis M. Gray - engineer, 1st Lt. Fred T. Simpson - navigator, Maj Deems (91st Photo Wing) - copilot, Capt. William A. Wilson, Jr. - pilot
Kneeling, L-R: Sgt. Robert Sherr - gunner, S/Sgt. Russell McSparin - gunner, Sgt. Burt D. McCorquodale - gunner, Sgt. Charles M. Varney - ball turret gunner, S/Sgt. Charles E. Heskew - nose turret gunner

 Wooten's crew Wooten's crew with F-7A "Patched Up Piece"
Standing, L-R: ____ , ____ , Lt. Jay Robbins - navigator, Lt. Lawrence E. Thibault - copilot, Lt. John Wooten - pilot, S/Sgt. Kristien Brisied - engineer
Kneeling, L-R: Sgt. Anthony Currelle - gunner, S/Sgt. Joseph Lamberti - photographer, S/Sgt. Stephen Distasio - radio operator, ____ , ____

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