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Announcing Dawn 5.4

By Boris Zakharin

A beta release of Dawn 5.4 is now available. The major features are a new international edition, which supports non-Latin character sets in the data of many address book applications. Compatibility with Forté Agent 4.0 and Windows Vista round out the feature set.

Dawn will convert your address book from one program's format to another. If you have ever wanted to switch E-Mail programs or even simply use that WordPerfect address book in Outlook Express you have no doubt been put off by being forced to retype every single address by hand. Well, retype no more. A complete conversion is just a few clicks away. Power users will like the ability to see edit and delete parts of the data before saving it as well as support for common file formats. For the complete feature set visit the Features Page.

Dawn is absolutely free for personal use, so go to the Download Page and get your free copy today. Donations are welcome. Licenses to modifications of the program as well as portions of the source code are available. Please E-Mail the author for pricing information.

Why Dawn?

Dawn is critically acclaimed and downloaded by tens of thousands of people. And there is a reason:

What a neat and useful utility. I tried several e-mail programs (Pegasus, Incredimail, Eudora..etc) before I settled on one. It was very nice to be able to easily consolidate the address books into my final choice.



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If you have suggestions or comments you can always reach me at zakharin@alumni.upenn.edu. Bug reports should be filed via BugZilla. If this program doesn't suit your needs, or if you are simply looking for a good software archive or a software collection, visit my Links Page.

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