Dawn, the Address Converter and Manager



Dawn is the leader in software based address book conversions. But don't take my word for it.


Ever wish you could convert the address database from one e-mail program's format to another? Dawn is a free utility that makes it possible. Its rather spartan main interface could be more intuitive, but luckily it can be run in a much friendlier wizard mode. (Four-star Editor's pick)

--Ziff Davis

The least we can expect [from proprietary standards] is for software makers to include file import and export features in their products... But in its latest release, Netscape has taken the low road. Address books can be imported from other e-mail clients, but no option exists to export Netscape 6 address book data...Boris Zakharin, a computer science major at the University of Pennsylvania, has produced a promising solution. His free utility, called Dawn... [is] compatible with Netscape 6... Dawn 5.0 promises to become one “killer app” Netscape 6 users can’t live without.

--MSNBC (full article in BugNet)


What a neat and useful utility. I tried several e-mail programs (Pegasus, Incredimail, Eudora..etc) before I settled on one. It was very nice to be able to easily consolidate the address books into my final choice.



I wish to personally thank you for making my job so much easier today. I encountered the (I'm sure now infamous) Netscape 6 address book export "bug". Since we were using this address book in our business department, we had well over 500 contacts [technical details snipped]. You program performed flawlessly, and had a solution to my problem in minutes. Truly, your software is a great service to us Netscape fans (who've been shirked by AOL, I think for the last time! Grr!)


Boris, Thank you sincerely for "Dawn." Without doubt this has to be one of the handiest programmes ever. I was faced with a job that would have taken me time I didn't have but thanks to you this is no longer a problem.

--bosley fox

Dawn is a FANTASTIC address book converter.  I've been looking for a utility like this a long time--and now I have one.  And it's free!  I love free!  And I love works right the first time even better!