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Technical Learning

One of the problems in a technologically advanced society is that, through design or default, a 'priesthood' develops that knows the secrets of how things work. Most of these things are knowable by durn near everybody, but are hard to explain piecemeal. My goal is to explain some of these things. However, since I'm writing this up as I go along (piecemeal, dammit!), don't expect for much until 2001 or so (or later ... ;)

First, learn some math ... 

Binary Numbers - Why they are, and what to do with them.

Scaling - A ubiquitous and powerful concept.

PID Control - Basics on the most popular type of industrial control.

Troubleshooting - The art and practice of finding out what's wrong.

Horse Around - This crap doesn't have to be boring

PLC Programming - Sampler

Reading Electrical Schematics

Building Electrical Control Cabinets

Electrical Power Distribution - How utilities gets electricity into your residence.

Extrusion - Very basic overview of plastics extrusion and thermoforming

Interpreting oscilloscope waveforms

Van Wert Coal Stoker Technology

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