Dave Aronson's Professional Page

Current work status: I am now working full-time at Comcast (no I won't come fix your cable hookup), in the National Engineering & Technical Operations (NE&TO, pronounced "neato!") Tools Group in Reston. However, I'm temptable ("passively looking"), and available for weekend and evening projects.

Current web site status: My normal host is busily botching its recovery from its latest annual botched server move. The alternate I've selected hasn't yet finished setting up my addon domain, though I've loaded up the files. Meanwhile these pages are being hosted in my free subscriber space at Verizon. Everything should be working, since DARTS is self-adjusting and the address-list center-finder has been adjusted to use a different Google Maps API key, but there may have been some things I overlooked. If you find anything out of sorts, please let me know.

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If you want any other information, feel free to email me.