Ferdinand Feghoot is a character invented by Reginald Bretnor, writing under the pen-name Grendel Briarton (an anagram). He stars in shaggy dog stories, usually in a science-fiction style, in which he saves the day in a horribly punny way.

About 80 of Bretnor's stories were published in Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine in the 50s, 60s, and early 70s, under the title "Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot". Most were original, but some were suggested by others and rewritten in his own words (and credited). They were later compiled in a book, "The Complete Feghoot", published by Mirage Press in 1975. In 1973, F&SF held a contest for new Feghoots and the winners are included in The Complete Feghoot.

He has been used by so many authors in such a manner, that such stories are now commonly known as Feghoots -- sometimes even if they don't star Ferdinand himself.

Ones by Yours Truly :

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