1969 Albin Vega Sloop For Sale

This 1969 Vega sloop has been neglected for several years. As the pictures show it would need a through restoration, and it is up to the buyer to determine restorability potential.

This boat is 27' long with deck-stepped mast. It is on a functioning trailer. With a beam of 8 feet it is legally trailerable without special permits. Displacement is 5500 pounds.

The Albin vega was a highly respected boat manufactured in Sweden in the 60's and '70s. It was considered quite seaworthy for such a small boat, with many bluewater voyages made. There is still a group of loyal fans of this boat. For more information, start at http://www.albinvega.com and http://americanvega.org/. Repair manuals, literature, advice forums, etc. still available from users groups listed at that site. This boat is hull number 377.

Please email me with questions. All reasonable offers will be considered.


It has been stored at the pictured location for about 10 years, and has not been touched. This would be a major restoration project.


Sold as is, with buyer to determine suitability. However, as a user of the boat for several years I am able to answer questions to the best of my recollection.


Gel coat is crazed and would need to be redone or painted. Black coloring is due to dirt and mildew.


Has outboard bracket used for emergency power when there was no wind and the inboard failed. Was used to store the dinghy's 4 horse outboard while underway. The platform off the stern was part of a system used to raise the dinghy partway out of the water while towing.


Original power includes unique variable pitch propeller system behind rudder.


Trailer is rusted but functional. It was custom made to fit this boat.


Tires hold air. However, tire manufacturers recommend replacing trailer tires that have reached this age.


View of mast, stored on deck, with antenna and multi-function masthead light.


Cockpit, facing cabin entrance. Compass to left, depthfinder and mechanical knotmeter/odometer to right.


Left side cockpit controls: Ignition, choke, throttle, temp gauge, shore power receptacle.


Right cockpit controls: lights, blower.


Cockpit facing aft. Tiller, and propeller pitch and throttle control. In floor is a built-in mechanical bilge pump, and holes for temporarily mounting galley table outside.


Port jib sheet winch.


Bow, with view of anchor mount. Also visible is furled genoa, still attached to mast.


Interior viewed from entrance. All cushions are removed and are in storage. Due to dampness and neglect there is considerable mildew and peeling paint. However the woodwork appears in restorable condition.


Sink has two pumps, one freshwater and one saltwater. Foot pedals below.


View to right of sink towards cockpit. Visible are VHF and back of knotmeter and depthsounder.


Starboard window.


One of the storage compartments outboard from bunks. Doors are removed and stored elsewhere. Fiberglass hull was originally covered by padded vinyl/foam material, which has been removed due to extensive deterioration.


Port side interior wall between main cabin and v-berth area in front. Visible are a barometer, light, and automotive-style radio/cassette deck.


View of underside of deck showing peeled paint and moldy condition.


Starboard side window and grab rail.


Port side wall facing aft. Visible are back of compass and thermometer.


Facing forward, viewing v-berth area and anchor rode storage. Cushions have been removed for storage. There is a freshwater tank below.


Another view of v-berth are showing storage areas below.


The head. This discharges directly outside, as designed, with no storage tank. Toilet is mounted on swiveling platform for more room. Sink is foot-pump operated, and slides forward to discharge into toilet.


Engine is original gasolene powered 2 cylinder 10 HP. Rusted exterior but was running when boat was last used.


Wiring is a complete mess and should be redone. Unbelievably, previous owners actually used boat in this condition.


7-gallon copper gasolene tank.


Storage shed: Fortress anchor, and another anchor unrelated to this boat.


Storage shed: V-berth conditions. Should be replaced.


Storage shed: Whisker pole.


Storage shed: Main sail and jib. Condition of sails is unknown, and unlikely to be good. It is possible that they may be usable, but they don't look good.


Storage shed: Main sale and assorted ropes, etc.


Storage shed: assorted items from the boat.


Storage shed: Galley table, berth cushions (animal damage).


Storage shed: 25 pound CQR anchor and chain.

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