October 30, 2002

Well, after an hour of trying to get AOL (4.0!) installed on my laptop in the hotel, I'm able to blog something. So I'm blogging that...

We had a great flight out to Minneapolis actually. The kids were well behaved, the line for the security really wasn't too bad. My inlaws treated us to dinner at the hotel. I had some wonderful walleye (for the second time now).

Tomorrow its off to the Mall of America for some browsing and apparently some trick-or-treating. Not much is grabbing my attention on the World Fantasy Convention program, so I'l mosey over there somtime tomorrow for registration. There is a Dave McKean presentation I might try to catch

Aol 4.0 is really stinky, compared to real internet. PSI net, SIAM's usual "road isp" doesn't have any access number in Minnesota at all, so thats why I'm reduced to signing up for free AOL.

October 28, 2002

We're off to Minnesota Wednesday for some much needed vacation and time with my wife's parents. We'll be just in time to miss the Wellstone memorial service. Here's a heartfelt piece on why Wellstone should be applauded even for a muddle-headed socialist. And here's a case for why Mondale is beatable even with a sympathy vote for the "leagacy of Wellstone".

But this is the state that elected Jesse Ventura, donchaknow. Uff-dah!

We've already voted in the Pennsylvania elections by the miracle of absentee ballots. I even supported a bond issue, since it seemed to just be for new capital expenses for emergency services, which seems to be a reasonable priority for some borrowing.

Even if I wanted to spend $135 on jeans, I wouldn't buy ones with a lace fly.

October 25, 2002

I guess blogger is back up now. w00t?

I always wanted to write a commentary called Leviticus for Dummies Maybe the market for it is better than I thought.

October 24, 2002

W00T! I'm up early!

Off to College Park, MD for the CESSE IT Roundtable.

Better practice walking a zigzag pattern

October 22, 2002

I wonder what my wife thinks about this essay on Geertz.

Daughter is vomiting, so I'm going home early today. She threw up at the Jonah Veggie Tales movie too, but I attributed that to late hour and big-screen motion sickness. Now I'm not so sure.

Instapundit linked to this by one Arthur Silber. For an objectivist, he makes a rather illogial claim:
Thus, whenever someone engages in gay-bashing, I experience it as if the person is saying, in effect: "I think the fact that you exist in the way you do is deeply disgusting. I think it's absolutely wrong, and it repulses me." And what this means is that the attacker prefers that I not exist at all -- since I can't imagine existing in any other way. Now, think about that for a moment: such attackers are communicating that they want to wipe me out of existence, that they wish I had never been born.[emphasis added]

Note the immediate leap from "I have a subjective experience of" to "my subjective experience is, in fact, what is the case". I'm pretty sure the basher feels entitled to bash because he can imagine Silber existing "in another way".

October 21, 2002

My wife comes up to me tonight with tears in her eyes. She was watching CSI: Miami. Tonight's episode dealt with a man who murders a woman seven weeks pregnant. The investigators dicover the pregnacny during an autopsy. Their only lead is to do a DNA search for the father based on the 7 week baby. The show was unflinching in its portrayal of the 7-week old's humanity, and one investigaor remarked "it's not just a clump of cells".

I've liked the CSI regular show in the past, but I'm not a regular viewer. I like the stoic cheif investigator character alot. This sounds like it was a very good epsiode.

I still say there are too many crime dramas on TV right now. Life with Bonnie is on tomorrow which is good.

Is the saying "we'll only use war as a last resort" come from the same experience as "you always find something in the last place you look"?

October 17, 2002

I'm not French, but my name is an anagram of CAGY UPLAND GAUL

October 16, 2002

Learned new term. hapax legomenon. Greek for a word that only occurs once in the literature of a particular langauge and is thus hard to translate. Ironicly, now I'm coming across the term more often.

October 13, 2002

My wife and I are sitting here trying to remember what cute thing our daughter said that we thought would be fun to blog. But we can't so I'll say this. Life expectacy being what it is, there are works being created now that if their creators died today, my daughter would have little hope of ever using to create derivative works of her own. Derivative works can be quite creative, by the way. I'm thoroughly enjoying the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol 2. I do hope Alan Moore settled things with the Lewis estate over the use of the Sorns.

Lessig make an interesting claim in his blog post about his arguments before the Supreme court. "The government ... simply confirm[ed] what we had said: under their theory of the case, there was no constitutional limit on Congress's power to extend terms; it was always a matter of Congress's discretion. Congress could perpetually extend existing terms; it could even extend a copyright to works within the public domain." (emphasis added)

I'll deal with Barlow later. :-)

October 02, 2002

From the wonderful world of bureaucratic logo designs comes the design for The Office of Homeland Security. I hope whoever thought this up got fired. I've defended the five-color alert system, and I've defended the name for the Office, and the term "Homeland", but this is ridiculous.

And the DARPA Information Awareness Office has a paranoia inducing logo too.

[update] The logo was merely used on a Patent and Trademark Office newsletter. Its not the official logo of the Office. I think

October 01, 2002

Pashtun proclivities aside, I'm completely certain Time goofed this one up

I'm up late. W00T!

Scrappleface is a more conservative version of the Onion, without the funny graphics, and without half the humor coming from the deadpan journalistic style.

Mmmmm.. Scrapple.....

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