June 23, 2003

If hands free phones offer no reduction in distraction, then how many accidents get caused by having passengers?

Update: Ok, what are we to make of this news

So having had DSL for about a year now, I've dropped my second phone line, saving 15 a month. Also, verizon voluntarily dropped their DSL rates to 34.95 a month, saving me another 15. Now to get rid of my extra ISP op.net (owned by fast.net, in chapter 11) and make the money more productive.

Fast.net, who bought Op.net from netreach, started spamblocking Op.net on yahoogroups, which was the straw that knocked the back-broken camel into the grave.

Feel free to leave comments in a week to make sure I haven't continued to procrastinate on this. My wife will thank you.

Lileks takes a stand against using diareah jokes to sell mexican food. He also touches on the "horrors" of the homogenization of the culture. Its a really good essay.

I'll add that blogs are great. Lileks would never have had a whole coast-to-coast audience if he merely languished in midwesterener obscurity as a columnist for the Minneipolis Star-Tribune. He is an example of the very middle-american influence that is being decried in the context of Wal-mart and pop culture. Sensible, broadly democratic, middle-of-the road positions that people on the east and west coasts don't even bother with.

More please.

June 22, 2003

About two weeks ago I bought two heads of buttercrunch lettuce. I really enjoyed the salad that was made from them. We had several more salads with it since then.

Today we again had a salad with buttercruch lettuce. I asked "is this from the same two heads we bought two weeks ago?"

It was. This stuff is amazing. Its not wilted at all and still tastes great. I feel like I have a cruze of oil that can never be emptied.

Or something

June 15, 2003

Worst. Moderated. Debate. Ever.

It's not even "monthy".

June 12, 2003

Kudos to Wal-Mart, no matter what Joel thinks.

June 09, 2003

Recall how in the seige of Samaria by Ben-Hadad in 2 Kings 6:24ff that the king was asked to resolve a dispute over who got to eat who's son?

They're eating children in North Korea

June 08, 2003

Blech! I like how he kept his "integrity" by he and his wife divorcing each other while partaking of communion.

Update. This is an excellent paper by Anglican N.T. Wight on how exaclty Paul was not all about living together as a body that tolerates every deviation. [mad props to S. Master for the link]

June 06, 2003

De script shun




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