July 28, 2003

I used my scary dad powers today. I was in line in the grocery store and heard a massive caterwauling from the line next to me. I'd heard similar crying earlier in the store. A girl of about 5 was raising a ruckus about who-knows-what and her mother wasn't able (or trying very hard) to quiet her down.

I caught the girl's eye

I gave her a look and shook my head slightly, but firmly.

She shut up immediatly

The mom never noticed.

July 24, 2003

Talk about missing the point. Instapundit, Volokh, and Ben Bova all do in a daisy chain of forest hunters looking desperatly among trees and coming up empty. Bova's quote:
Scientific American quoted Leon Kass, a biologist at the University of Chicago, who warned in 1978 that "the idea of humanness and of our human life and the meaning of our embodiment and our relation to ancestors and descendants" were at risk because of the first test-tube baby.

Fast forward to 2003. Test-tube babies are commonplace and the world hasn't self-destructed. But now people are pointing quaking fingers at the idea of cloning human beings.
Instapundit says Kass's concerns haven't panned out. I think UNKNOWN (in the 10s of thousands certainly) quantities of frozen embryos is exactly a demonstration of how humannness has been degraded. It's like to these people we have to have clone wars or a literal Brave New World (we're about 30 percent there anywayl) before people will think we're missing something. In the Brave New World universe, still nobody will know what they're missing from humanness.

I'm incensed.

July 20, 2003

Summer movies I want to see

The Matrix Reloaded (again)
Charlie's Angels
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (I'm irritated, this seems to have been botched, judging by reviews)
Tomb Raider
Terminator 3
Bruce Almighty
Finding Nemo
Pirates of the Carribean

Its very unlikely I'll see thses all this summer. That was formerly not the case...

July 18, 2003

I'm intruigued by Testament: Roleplaying in the Biblical Era. Spoke with a publisher rep at Origins who said that as an Anglican Catholic, he thought it was great, and that he's heard more complaints from non-believers concerned about pushing religion than from offended believers.

I have an idea for a scenario for it, involving an Israelite army strike team sent to recover the ark from the Philistines. The challenge in coming up with scenarios (to me) is to figure out what would be interesting to play through in a way that connects to the biblical narrative without seriously compromising the determiniteness of that narrative.

Maybe I'll work it up and run it at a convention someday.

In addition to all the other neat Lego spaceships this guy has done, he's working on a project to do a Star Wars "wing" ship for every letter of the alphabet

July 17, 2003

Random idea:

(inspired by Glenn Reynolds advice to Democrats to make lowering the drinking age to 21 a campaign issue)

1. Raise the age of concent for nude photography or public appearances to 50.

2. Failing that, raise it to 30 or at least 21 to keep barely mature adults from being bare.

It would also make all "teen sluts" spam email illegal.

July 11, 2003

July 10, 2003

NRO has a provocative proposal from John O'Sullivan. If the US redefines civil marriage to allow for single sex couples, churches could refuse to sanction civil marriages for heterosexuals, requiring them to take their oaths in some kind of religious ceremony, and regarding them morally as they would cohabiting sexually active unmarried persons.

This has a bit of an appeal.

If, say, the PCA made this a rule, they would presumably sanction the marriage of a Roman Catholic, Orthodox Jew, or Moslem (assuming these traditions don't start sanctioning gay marriages), but not if all the person had was the mere civil marriage.

It's basicly saying: You can add gays to this institution you call marraige, but in so doing, you have made it into something else that in our eyes does not qualify.

UPDATE: I suppose that would mean we'd have to likewise regard person married by religious traditions that accept fey marrangements as unmarried as well. Under a different US regime, that is, since right now such heterosexual persons are properly regarded as married by the state. I'm thinking this might be too unworkable. But it makes a statement, and one that is slighlty more 'audible' than "homosexuals are sinners", which is "you can't just do whatever you want with marriage and expect us to meekly play along. There is another King, one Jesus"

July 06, 2003

As part of N.T. Wright's consecration as Bishom, he gets presented with the Conyers Falchion a sword reputed to have slain the Sockburn Worm.

Go get 'em, Tom!

July 02, 2003

If gay marriage becomes legal in the US, do we need a new derisive term to describe it?



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