Paul's Pages I am an impure thinker. I am hurt, swayed, shaken, elated, disillusioned, shocked, comforted, and I have to transmit my mental experiences lest I die.      - Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy
About ME!
Old chaff excised! University of Pennsylvania Graduate Central High School 244th Married to Sylvia S. Duggan We live in Philadelphia Tenth Presbyterian Church I work at SIAM developing Cold Fusion apps.
Personal quirks!
My Amazon Wishlist Neil Gaiman's The Sandman My Ebay Auctions The Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy (CAPO) James B. Jordan Reformed theology SF author Gene Wolfe Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (where Sylvia worked). It has a great collection of artifacts from Palestine. Dilbert!
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Recommended Eyeball Resters
I enjoy The Sandman, a comic book published by DC, and written by Neil Gaiman. It's very well written and the story is dense with resonances to myth and legend. Annotations for every issue are available. While The Sandman has finished it's run, it is available in trade paperback editions.

Other good comics that I read include Tales of the Beanworld (see my Beanworld MtG expansion), Tom Strong, and Cerebus.

I have a whole site about Science Fiction author Gene Wolfe. Check it out, especially my recently blogified news page. I also recommend Cordwainer Smith and Charles Williams for some of the more mind-bending speculative fiction available.

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Theological Writings
Some papers I wrote for a seminary class at Philadelphia Theological Seminary (Reformed Episcopal) taught by Ray Sutton are available here. The latter was a paper I did for myself, to give to my session.