A Dictionary for the Urth Cycle

This is a wonderful book, and a must-have for the dedicated Wolfe enthusiast. It is the result of four years of research by Michael Andre-Driussi. There are 952 entries, but it is more than simply a dictionary. As the beginning states:

a brief

Lexicon for Gene Wolfe's

The Book of the New Sun,

The Urth of the New Sun, and

Empires of Foliage and Flower as

well as Shorter Stories, including

glosses on Biblical Allusions,

Ships of Sail and Oar,

Kabbalistic Notions,

Archaic English Words,

Diverse Arms and Armor,

Extinct and Exotic Animals,

Latin Terms military and civic,

in addition to Myths and Legends

from China, Greece, Arabia, Ocenania

Rome, India, Persia, and South America

It is nicely illustrated, including several maps. It is a hardcover edition, 304 pages. ISBN 0-9642795-9-2

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I am in no way associated with Mr. Andre-Driussi or his publisher, Sirius Fiction. I just think this book is worth getting.

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