Wednesday, February 23, 2005


What I'm Reading

Ok, you may not care. But since reading is what I really enjoy doing, even though I don't have much time to do it, thought sharing what I am reading might shed some light on me or might encourage you to read something you might not otherwise. I tend to read across lots of categories, and to have multiple things going at once so I will try to divide it up a bit.

Fiction: The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith I am not finding that I like it as much as his Number One Ladies' Detective Agency series but it is still interesting and not too hard of a read.
I am waiting for Shadow of the Giant by Orson Scott Card and The Serpent on the Crown by Elizabeth Peters to come out in March. These are two of my favorite authors and since my reading for pleasure time is limited these days they tend to be anticipated priority reads. My other favorite series is Sharan Newman's Catherine LeVendeur series.

Non Fiction: How and When to Tell Your Kids About Sex by Stanton and Brenna Jones This was recommended by my pastors wife and I am finding it very helpful, it not only deals with the topic of sex education well but also had interesting/helpful things to say about discipline.

Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity by Nancy Pearcey I am only about 100 pages into this so far but am enjoying it and finding it helpful in thinking about what it means to be in the world but not of it in terms of world view and what makes being a Christian different as we live out the roles we have that it might be easy to consider as being merely secular.

Latest Helpful Homeschool Tool: 365 Days of Celebration and Praise: Daily Devotions and Activities for Homeschooling Families by Julie Lavender I got this after seeing a review in Homeschooling Today Magazine. I have only had it a couple of days but really like how in a short and simple way it combines scripture and prayer, historic events or fun/silly happenings and educational tie ins with out being too sappy seeming.

Bible Study/Christian Walk: In my Tuesday bible study we are currently using The Ways of Wisdom:Studies in the Book of Proverbs by Katherine Nielson. This authors studies are not published but are available directly from her. It is the second one we have done and I find them very good and their structure is especially helpful in developing a daily habit of study.

A Mom's Ordinary Day bible study series edited by Jean E. Syswerda I recently discovered this series and bought a couple. I haven't gotten far in it yet but love the way it is organized and what I have read so far. I look forward to delving in when I finish the proverbs study.

Prayer By O. Hallesby I trusted friend and mentor recommended this to help me as I deal with a number of things in my extended and far flung family where I can't do much more then pray and trust the Lord. I have only read 40 pages so far but it is very helpful and challenging. Prayer is so important and so often taken for granted or misunderstood it is good to read this. I just have to make sure I don't let reading be a substitute for actually praying.

I also read tons of picture books, chapter books and longer books to and with my kids but that is another story...

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Recent Observations on Parenting

A few things recently have had me thinking about parenting and how we think about it. It's not that I think I am some extraordinary paragon of parenting, I just think I'm a good enough parent and I do the best I can to parent the children I have been given in the set of situations in which I find myself each day. As a sinner I know I don't even do that perfectly, however, I also do not think that parenting is totally relativistic, even beyond the obvious far end of the spectrum things to avoid like abuse there are right and wrongs and better and worse things to do.

Two weeks ago I took my kids to their first dental appointments, not knowing what the office was like or how long it would take I threw some water, snacks, books and crayons in my bag before we left. It turned out to be a good thing because my son was for some reason not listed on our dental plan so he didn't have to go. The waiting area had a few dozen various books lying about and my kids kept bringing them to me to read. This attracted other kids since no one else was reading to their kids. Then most of the kids started going back to their dentists, one boy about 10 or so was literally stuffing peanutbutter crackers into his mouth until the moment he went back, I felt sorry for the dentist who had to examine and clean his teeth, his mom didn't say a word about it and in fact wasn't even talking with him as they waited. This left me and my 4 year old , a mom with two 4 or younger kids and a few moms all waiting for our kids to be done. Other mom with kids was busy playing games on her cell phone and only talked to her kids to reprimand them for being antsy. I was reading to my son and he was working on a preschool workbook I had in my bag. I felt like an exhibit at the zoo, to me this was just normal being with my kid, I was stunned by the lack of interaction between the other mom's and children.

Then Newsweek magazine came out with a cover story on modern super moms, (see link to article and interview with author on my husbands blog, along with his comments) . It was such a frustrating article to read, the whole focus was on how society should change to meet the needs of these women so that they could have family, life and career and have it all on their own terms. There was no mention of what might be best for the kids or of the possible need of the moms to examine their priorities, change, put something aside for a time etc. Now don't get me wrong all moms need a break from time to time and it is not wrong to work outside the home but if God gave you kids then you have a responsibility to them and they are supposed to be a priority in your life.
I have found in my life that God has given me seasons of life, school, gradschool, archaeology, museum job, marriage, kids .... While some of these overlapped briefly I was largely able to concentrate on the gifts, joys and challenges of each and then move on to the next thankful for the chance I had at the one with anticipation of the next. Our gotta have it all and gotta do it now and do it perfect society scares me sometimes and it is hard not to get sucked into it or to feel guilty when you are not acting like that. Maybe the book I got for Christmas Total Truth by Nancy Pearcy will help me some with that it is about developing and maintaining a Christian world view in all parts of our modern life. Perhaps I will have more to say about it when I have gotten further in it. For now I will take my tired, achey fighting off the a cold or something body off to bed and let my patient husband have the computer back.


What's in a Name

Well, yes I am actually going to blog, it has just been a busy week and Paul hadn't shown me yet how to post without his help so this is the first time I have gotten back to it. I said I would explain my blog name so... For those few readers who don't know me I am an archaeologist who specialized in ceramic analysis. (I worked in Honduras on Maya Periphery sites and I am not currently doing any archaeology). Sherds are broken pieces of pottery and in my time I have touched and examined hundreds of thousands of them. While it was always fun when the crew brought in a whole vessel, the shards actually often told us more about the pot and provided a wider array of data for understanding the makers. I am also a Christian and Jars of Clay are one of the images used in Old Testament to describe us as God's creations. Hopefully the bits and pieces of my shared on this blog will be as edifying and interesting as all those sherds were to me, some more then others, and hopefully they will give you some knowledge of me and hopefully I will in some small way reflect the God who made me.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


my first post

Hello blog world, it is late, not my best time of day and my husband has finally convinced me that it is time to stop lurking as a reader on other blogs and get one of my own. I am not totally sure how I will use this other then as a forum for my thoughts or a place to share as I grow through what I experience. As a homeshooling mom of two kids under age 6 it might be good to have a place that is mine, though were the time to blog will come from I'm not sure. So for now I will sleep on it and share some observations from the week past and an explaination of my blog title soon. We will also probably tweek the blog design when we have more time, so stay tuned and be patient. Thanks.

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