Tuesday, May 24, 2005


See it again I must

We just got back from seeing Revenge of the Sith. I liked it, it felt much more like the original three to me in the sense of being "space opera" and the clear cut sense of good vs. evil and having to choose your side. I thought that Anikan's turn was handled credibly. I couldn't help wondering what some one who didn't know the arc of the original three movies would have made of some of the forshadowing visuals and dialog and how they would have reacted to Obi-Wan, Darth Vader fight scenes if they didn't know they would both survive to fight another day. That's all my comments for now, I don't want to be a spoiler and I probably do need to see it again. I do wish that we got to spend more time in some of the interesting worlds Lucas creates, the anthropologist in me wants to linger and explore.

The nicest part of all was just having a night out with my husband, movie and dessert is a rare treat for us. Probably something we need to try and do more often.


This one's for Karen

When a lived in Milwaukee a dear friend of mine used to always say that I "Weirded Language" because I would come out with odd words or word combos in the heat of saying something to better express how I felt. Well today at breakfast I did it again, Karen this one is for you...

BURDLE: The combination of something that is a burden to be borne and a hurdle to be gotten over.

Monday, May 23, 2005


Music Hath Charms...

I have recently had the treat of being exposed to more good and classical music then usual. On my birthday our church had a special evening Psalms service (no it was not in honor of my birthday) that was really lovely and diverse. (the music should eventually be available under Tenth Music service Archive near the bottom of the page).

On Friday we went to Settlement School of Music to hear my friend Hannah B. play her Senior Recital. She is a Bassoonist and played both solo and ensemble pieces. It was great and even our kids enjoyed it and managed not to be too disruptive. She has also played in the Delaware County Youth Orchestra (that is her in the pink shirt on the upper right). She is very accomplished and poised young lady with a very mature and Godly outlook on her gifts. It was a blessing to share in her special day.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


The Old Gray Hairs

Yes, I am back, I have been busy adding gray hairs by turning 45, going to the homeschool curriculum fair, trying to potty train my son, and caring for my two parents who are in separate care facilities in the same city yet half the continent away from me. In additions to adding grey hairs the stress has also caused me to loose sleep and about 10 pounds. Fortunately I have the Lord to turn to in prayer and who I know is watching over my parents and a husband who keeps reminding me that gray hairs are my glory. Be sure not to miss my post below, what a great place a blog is for a rant.


Doing it "Maya" Way

I took the kids to playgroup the other day. Since most of the other moms and dads there are not of the same political and religious far right of center leanings as I am it can sometimes make conversation either difficult or interesting. But this day Greg and his daughter Ana were there. That was great on two counts, Ana and my daughter are good friends even though there is a three year age difference and her dad is an Archaeology PHD at Univ. of Penn and we often have interesting conversations. Today he asked if I watched the show Survivor or not. I do sometimes, if I get the kids to sleep before its over and when its not on Sunday since we don't watch TV on Sunday.

Anyway, it turns out that the next Survivor will be in Guatemala "Survivor Guatemala, The Maya Empire". The cast will be living on the Maya site of Yaxha in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. It is my understanding that the site is not yet fully excavated or consolidated. While it looks like a lovely site and the Peten region of Guatemala is gorgeous there are a number of problems in my opinion with the selection of this site. Most animals and probably many of plants in the biosphere are protected, my understanding is the whole reason it was created was to protect the wildlife and protect from deforestation etc. So just how are the survivors going to survive if they can't hunt and cut at will? Will they receive "get out of jail free" cards on these points. Also there is the potential damage and disruption to a large and major Mayan site. The presence of that many people who don't know or care about the hidden archaeological treasures all around them could really mess things up.

It is my understanding that the departments responsible for the biosphere and archaeological sites have objected but have been overruled by the government. It will bring in lots of money and will undoubtedly help with tourism. It will undoubtedly also bring some problems and destruction. It could, if handled well help increase public awareness and assistance to problems like looting of sites, deforestation etc. But I doubt that will be the main focus. There is also the pesky problem of those Guatemalan rebels and the tourist advisories that are frequently issued for that region of the country. Maybe one of the unplanned challenges will be outrunning rebels or looters with sharp machetes or guns.

It would also be a great opportunity for museums (like the one where I used to work) and archaeology departments to cache in on interest in the Maya to promote their collections, work and courses and do some positive education about a fascinating culture. I fear though that for many the show will be seen as too much of a step down into popular culture or be seen as too nonacademic to be associated with and a great opportunity to reach people who they might not otherwise get to come through the doors will be missed

Greg and I came up with some possible challenges that would at least have an archaeological or Mayan flavor to them.
-The vision quest challenge (perhaps best used in the final episode to decide which of the remaining 4 really want it bad enough)
-The boarder crossing challenge in which you have to cross either the Mexican/Guatemalan or Honduran/Guatemalan border in a rented vehicle in under an hour without paying a bribe.
-The excavation challenge in which you have to remove a skeleton and two whole pots (with proper drawings and documentation) starting two hours before sunset on a Friday, with a rainstorm moving in from the east)
-The Tortilla challenge in which you have to learn how to make your own tortillas by scratch (a challenge I was made to face when some Honduran friends decided that one of the reasons I was unmarried at age 29 was because I lacked this very skill)
-The pottery challenge, in which you have to clean and sort a bag of excavated pottery sherds and then reconstruct and draw the complete vessel that is part of the lot.
-The tool making challenge the person with the most "eccentric" blade gets immunity.

Anyway, you get the idea so get ready, I plan to lay in some chips, salsa and a case of Salva Vida and try to keep from throwing things at the TV when the fun starts this fall.

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