Sunday, February 12, 2006


In Praise of Snow and Technology

We got a wonderful fall of snow yesterday and today. Probably more then a foot (since it is still lightly snowing I am not sure yet). It is the first snow of the year and looks lovely, but this being Philly it is shutting down the city to varying degrees. We got up and did some shoveling but ended up finding that getting the car out of the alley and onto the unplowed street was probably not a wise move in an attempt to get to church. We then considered the trolley but haven't really heard them running very often (if at all) and felt it would be negative feed back to try and make the kids do the waiting and walking involved to get all the way to church. So we decided to stay home and are looking out at the beauty and wonder of a snowblanketed and hushed neighborhood.

This is where the thankfulness for technology comes in. Our church does a live service webcast. So we brought our hymnals and bibles to the third floor, logged in and worshiped with the body from here. What a great feeling it was. I thank all those who went in and shoveled, worked and made it possible. Your service has helped focus my mind and soul through the joy of fellowship and worship with Christ and his body.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


KV63 or a New Neighbor for King Tut

As part of my ongoing blog goal of keeping my few readers abreast of archaeological discoveries of import (even if they aren't interested, it's at least good for a cocktail party conversation) I wish to let you know that a new intact tomb has been found in Egypt's Valley of the Kings.

It does not have all the "beautiful things" that were in the near by tomb of King Tut (the only other intact/nonlooted and last tomb found in the Valley of the Kings) but it is of major importance archaeologically because it is intact. In fact it being a non royal tomb even makes it more interesting because it would then provide information on the burial practices for a different social group.

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