Monday, September 24, 2007


staple head

Don't try this at home!! staples should only be put in your head by a trained ER professional. This was part of today's lesson for the day. This morning at 6:30 am I passed out in the bathroom and conked my head on the bath tub. Fortunately the resounding thud woke up Paul and the kids. After Paul splashed water in my face and woke me up we discovered a nice 1.5 inch gash in my head on the upper right side and a lump on the lower left. So it was off to the HUP ER for a fun home school field trip. (Andrew brought his favorite snugly for me and Vicky brought a Bible "in case we needed them") 6 hours later I was discharged having had clear EKG and blood work and having had 4 staples put in my scalp to close the wound. I feel achy and groggy but hopefully I am ok and it was just combo of intestinal distress and blood pressure.
My Thanks go to my husband for keeping a cool head, taking the day off and doing some laundry and school with the kids after seeing me ensconced in the ER. (the schedule sb helped me with made the school part easier) To my friends Cheryl, Tina, Lisa, and Stacy for kicking some prayer support into action for even managing a short notice meal to be delivered for us tonight so I could rest when I got home. I am so thankful to God for preserving me from worse damage and for giving me such a loving family and sisters in Christ to support me.
Paul thinks its too bad they will be out by Halloween claiming I could add neck bolts and have an instant costume.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


How's school going....

Today my friend Cheryl came to return our car which she had borrowed and arrived as we were finishing lunch. The kids launched them selves out the back door to say hi to "Aunt Cheryl". From inside I overhear her ask Andrew "How is school going?" The answer was "Oh, we aren't doing school, Mom is just reading to us about Leonardo DaVinci!"
(the book referred to was actually the latest Magic Tree House book "Monday with a Mad Genius" which just happens to be about he Renaissance and Leonardo DaVinci, exactly where we were starting in history this year! We love this book series and us the themes and research books as tie ins or jumping off points for our school work often)

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