Monday, June 16, 2008


Of Post-It's and Polka

OK these are light and fluffy articles and topics but they touched me as a former (and always in my heart) Minnesotan. Post-It notes were invented in Minnesota at 3M (not far from the current Mall of America which used to be the site of the sports stadium where I went to ball games and watched the 4th of July Fireworks growing up). But in all my years of using post-it notes and being proud of their place of origin I never knew there was a right or wrong way to apply them. Apparently there is!! In this little piece on a Post-It note flag being made at the Betsy Ross house here in Philadelphia for Flag Day, I learned:
1) to minimize curl you peel them off the pack side ways, not bottom up.
2) to apply best put both thumbs in the center and press out to the edges.
(There is even a training video!)

I also enjoyed this piece on the demise of polka in northern Minnesota where it has been a big thing but is not being embraced by younger generations. I can remember traveling to central and northern Minnesota with my dad (an Episcopal Pastor) to attend to just the kind of Polka fests and Polka Masses described here. It was fun and kitchy all at the same time. The polka training a got a start on then became necessary to survival at the many wedding receptions I attended during my Grad School days in Milwaukee Wisconsin. It made me want to grab a partner and roll out the barrel!!!


What it means to be a Boy Scout

I was both pleased and surprised to hear such a touching and positive commentary on NPR about the Boy Scout Tragedy in Iowa. I was never involved in Scouts my selve but know many who were and respect the organization. This commentary touched me, reminded me of what kids are capable up when "challenged up" and made me cry. So you may want to grab some tissues before listening

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