Thursday, July 10, 2008


Here we go again, Archaeology and Faith

I stumbled upon this archaeological find, The "Gabreil's Revelation" while on line. It is the latest in a number of recent finds in the Holy Land/Near East to purportedly challenge the veracity of Christian Doctrine and Faith. As both a Christian and an Archaeologist it is trying to watch how such finds are handled by both sides of the issue. Things so often get stated in overblown or over sure ways that don't help appreciate or advance how the two can often work together rather then at odds with each other. I found an article on the find itself, and another the interface of faith and archaeology from a Christian site more useful then many on navigating the center ground of the issue.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Ben marries Besty, Only in Philly!

Last night on the evening news I caught the marriage of Ben Franklin to Betsy Ross. OK, not the real ones but two historic interpreters who fell in love and just happen to portray Ben and Betsy. They got married by the mayor in character in front of Independence Hall on July 3rd. Only here in Philly does that work with out being totally weird, I actually think its kinda cool. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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