Monday, December 22, 2008


Big and Sad Changes for UPMAA

I am just in total shock over this! I am not only sad for my friends and former coworkers but I am SHOCKED that they are closing MASCA or making it totally grant reliant!! It is an unique and internationally renowned research effort that if anything should be recieving more support and better facilities then its hidey hole in the museum basement! It has even been featured in a novel that I read. I whole heartedly agree that the exhibitions need to be updated and made more attractive to a modern audience. However if you cut off the very research that makes the info on the objects available..... pluss one of the particular strengths of any good museum but particcualrly of the UPMAA is that it has a deep collection of objects that most people would never want to see on display but which hold vast potential for research and greater understanding of the past and the human story. I do get the money issues but it seems like a sad and slightly short sighted solution to me. A bit like a three legged table having one sawed off it seems to me.

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