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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

New Interview [link fixed] has posted an interview with Wolfe by Kathie Huddleston. In it, he comments that the novel he's working on, The Wizard Knight, is growing to be a very long novel, possibly two books in length. It is set in a fantasy dark ages world based more on pagan Norse culture than on medieval Christian Europe. He also discusses giving writing advice and several classes and seminars he's taught on writing, and "rants" a bit against prospective writers who want to violate the rules of good writing.

By the way, this picture I took of Wolfe signing autographs at Worldcon has had an interesting subsequent history, don't you think? It keeps popping up in the oddest places. I don't mind, except for the lack of credit. The only out I would allow is if Wolfe is approving the photo usage hismelf.

Thanks go to Scott Firestone for the heads-up.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Art and Artifice

Don Maitz's cover painting for Citadel of the Autarch is available on Maitz's site. No other covers seem to be there however.

Oh, and by the way, the Wolfe book mentioned here is fictitious.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Con Appearances and Chapbooks

Wolfe will be Guest of Honor at the World Horror Convention in Chicago in April 2002. In conjuction with the con, he and Neil Gaiman are collaborating on a chapbook called A Walking Tour of the Shambles

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Monday, February 11, 2002

Alzabo, the perl script

Like Wolfe's alzabo, the alzabo perl module takes the schema of a relational database and puts it in a perl object. I guess that's kinda like eating someone else's memories. As a perl programmer, I just think its neat that there is an alzabo module. What other Wolfe creations would make good modules I wonder?

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Saturday, February 09, 2002

Wolfe Collections Coming

Nick Gevers reported on the Urth mailing list that two Wolfe collections should be appearing at the end of this year or early next. The first is Attending Daedalus, which contains critical studies of Wolfe by Peter Wright. The second book, Shadow of the New Sun, is also edited by Wright, but will contain most (mostly?) writings by Wolfe on his own work that were previously collected in Castle of the Otter and reprinted in Castle of Days. The books will be published by the University of Liverpool Press which I've discovered has quite a list of SF critical works. No information on pre-ordering yet.

Wright has a rather different interpretation of Wolfe than most other's I've encountered. This reminds me that I've always meant to interact with his writings. I should re-read some of them. Ultan's Library has two pieces by Wright available now.

I'm still waiting for a collection of all the short stories set in the New Sun universe. Maybe it could be called Old Short Stories of the New and Long Suns

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Friday, February 08, 2002

Another update

If you're looking at this and it seems somewhat plain or ill formatted, you will want to try going to here. This is now the official URL for the Lupine Nuncio. The old wolfeblog.html is just included in that page so you should stop loading it. And the old "News and Rumors" page is obsolete. It will just redirect you here. I also apologize if this looks awful in Netscape version 4.8 or earlier. My understanding is it doesn't implement style sheets correctly.

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The Wizard Knight; Old News

I'm transfering old news items from my original wolfe news and rumors site, which will go away. This one is from March 27th, 2001:

Robert Borski reports that Wolfe has completed the first draft of his next (non-Sun) novel, The Wizard Knight:
GW has finished the first draft of his next novel, The WIZARD KNIGHT, and is now about 130 pages into the second draft. Because of its considerable length, he's anticipating (or at least hoping) it'll be published in two massive volumes.
Given the narrative complexity of SHORT SUN, I asked about WK's point-of-view, and Wolfe responded: "The narrator recounts his experiences in first, but switches to third to reconstruct events he did not witness."

I'll also note that Wolfe makes mention in his Tolkien essay that The Wizard Knight particularly will echo Lord of the Rings

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Wolfe on 9-11

Locus recently reporded that Wolfe had an essay relevant to US reaction to the terrorism of 9-11 published in a Chicago area local newspaper (owned by Pioneer Press; which paper was not specified). An excerpt:
We will be told that the perpetrators (and only the perpetrators) must be punished, and that the greatest pains must be taken to make certain no innocent person suffers. That sounds much better than saying no action should be taken, but it comes to the same thing. The perpetrators cannot be punished. They died in the planes they hijacked and are beyond our reach. It is not possible to fight a war (not even a losing war) without causing innocent people to suffer.

I'd appreciate anyone who can send me the whole article text.

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Thursday, February 07, 2002

What about non-wolfe content?

Do any of my loyal readers (?) have any opinions as to whether you'd like to see the occasional non-Wolfe related bit on this blog? I'd be hard pressed to come up with lots of Wolfe news on a regular basis, and my wolfe site has always had some general SF links. I'd try not to make non-wolfe stuff dominant and I'll try to make it tangential to Wolfe.

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Darth Fender

Chatting with a co-worker today about StarWars (hi Josh) and came up with an interesting idea for a fanfic (fan written story set in someone elses universe). How about a "Mirror, Mirror" version of Star Wars? The noble Darth Fender and Chancelor Palpatine using senatorial forces to quell the evil al-Yoda terrorists bent on turning the Force into something with only one side... Just picture Luke in a goatee! I suppose Luke and Leia would actualy be married in a mirror universe. Yuck.

The whole thing reminded me of David Brin's great article on Star Wars from Salon in 1999. He proposes the only way to rescue the questionable moral order of the Star Wars story is to assume Vade is actually deep undercover and was always intending to revolt against the Emperor. Check out the whole thing if you haven't yet.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2002

The New Sun in Miniature?

Does anyone think this looks like a Destrier?

I found this on a page describing a nice techinque for painting metalic colors with non-metalic paint

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Wolfe on Tolkien

Andy Robertson directed me to this recent essay by Wolfe on Tolkien's significance. Enjoy the essay. I enjoyed the movie, for what it's worth. I could nitpick it all day, but fundamentaly its a good movie and a good adaptation.

On a more personal note, Wolfe writes about his method for reading The Lord of the Rings:
You are not likely to believe me when I say that I still remember vividly, almost 50 years later, how strictly I disciplined myself with that book, forcing myself to read no more than a single chapter each evening. The catch, my out, the stratagem by which I escaped the bonds of my own law, was that I could read that chapter as many times as I wished; and that I could also return to the chapter I had read the night before, if I chose. There were evenings on which I reread the entire book up the point -- The Council of Elrond, let us say -- at which I had forced myself to stop.

Perhaps a good way to read the Book of the New Sun? Also, Wolfe writes "Surely I need not tell you that I read and reread these books. I married in November of that wonder-filled 1956; and Rosemary and I read them to each other, most often while driving." Coincidentaly when I met Wolfe at the Baltimore WorldCon, I mentioned to him that I'd begun reading his New Sun series with my fiance and we finished it about six months into our marriage.

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Ok, this is my attempt at a wolfe news blog.

I think Gene Wolfe is a really neat writer of Science Fiction

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