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Sunday, February 22, 2004

MICHAEL ANDRE-DRIUSSI is auctioning off a new chapbook he printed of a rare Wolfe short story called A Tale of Mandrakes
I published a chapbook version of Gene Wolfe's phantom title short story, "Talk of Mandrakes," and I'm auctioning off the 90 copies exclusively on eBay, splitting the profits with Gene Wolfe.

The Locus review of this chapbook: "Wolfe at his most direct, a taut, chilling tale...its mystical resonances are perhaps too dangerous to pursue. A Gothic gem, rescued from limbo" (Gevers, Feb 2004).
Ebay link to the auction

The story is a phantom story because it was mentioned as forthcoming by mistake. So Wolfe decided to finally write it. He's done that before with "Castle of the Otter".

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Infinity Plus had New Wolfe back in December

Some Wolfe items at Infinity Plus.

The Arimaspian Legacy short story, previosuly available only through Cheap Street

An interview by Nick Gevers and Michael Anre-Driussi.

(I'm still sitting on my interview from World Fantasy last year. I need to cajole my wife into helping me do a tranascript. Sorry.) [tip of the hat to M A-D]

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Some minor updates to the main Wolfe page and my Wolfe books page

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Gene Wolfe News and Rumors Logged by Paul Duggan


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The Shadow of the Torturer, Gene Wolfe.

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