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Monday, March 27, 2006

Solaris author Stanislaw Lem has died

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Nick Gevers reports on the Urth list
In April or May, Dreamhaven Books is releasing a chapbook of two new Wolfe stories, titled Strange Birds and illustrated by Lisa Snellings. The stories are "On a Vacant Face a Bruise" and "Sob in the Silence"; both look to be dark fantasy.
I can't find any mention of this on the Dreamhaven books site yet, but there you go.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

A SCIFI.COM Chat Transcript from Jan. 13, 2004 is with Gene Wolfe.

He talks about writing the Wizard Knight, and mentions the Soldier books (and the forthcoming Soldier of Sidon) in passing.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Robert Borski has a new collection of Wolfe essays entitled The Long and the Short of It : More Essays on the Fiction of Gene Wolfe.

It is available now in paperback and hardback.

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Soldier of Sidon, the long-awaited sequel to Soldier of the Mist and Soldier of Arete, (collected together as Latro in the Mist) will be forthcoming in October.

Latro is is one respect the opposite of Severian. Rather than remembering everything with perfect recall, Latro forgets everything that happens to him each day.

Thanks to the reader that alerted me to this.

And thanks in advance to those who pre-order it through my Amazon links.

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Gene Wolfe News and Rumors Logged by Paul Duggan


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We believe that we invent symbols. The truth is that they invent us; we are their creatures, shaped by their hard, defining edges. When soldiers take their oath they are given a coin, an asimi stamped with the profile of the Autarch. Their acceptance of that coin is their acceptance of the special duties and burdens of military life--they are soldiers from that moment, though they may know nothing of the management of arms. I did not know that then, but it is a profound mistake to believe that we must know of such things to be influenced by them, and in fact to believe so is to believe in the most debased and superstitious kind of magic. The would-be sorcerer alone has faith in the efficacy of pure knowledge; rational people know that things act of themselves or not at all.
The Shadow of the Torturer, Gene Wolfe.

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