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These are a list of the books by Gene Wolfe that are either in print or on their way soon. Other works you'll want to check used bookstores for. This web site is an associate. You can purchase any of these books through! Just click on the link or on the picture of the cover to find out how.

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New and Notable Releases

Omnibus reprint of the Soldier series

A Walking Tour of the Shambles, cover

NEW! Innocents Aboard: New Fantasy Stories
A new collection of previously uncollected works, including a Long Sun story "The Night Chough", "The Tree is my Hat" and "Houston, 1943". Full list here
NEW! The Knight: Book One of the Wizard Knight
First of Wolfe's new two-book fantasy novel, The Knight is available now from
Latro in the Mist
This is a collection of the first (and only, so far) two of the Soldier series of books, collecting Soldier of the Mists and Soldier of Arete. Wolfe is curently working on a sequel, Soldier of Sidon. Trade Paperback.
A Walking Tour of the Shambles
From the publisher's description: "Gene Wolfe and Neil Gaiman invite you to tour the Shambles, that historic old Chicago neighborhood which miraculously survived the Great Fire of 1871. [...] Uniquely Chicago, the Shambles offers an array of delights for the intrepid sightseer: Cereal House with its Terribly Strange Bed (be sure to fill out the "next of kin" form if you stay the night: a quaint touch adding to the fun of an overnight visit); the House of Clocks boasts a collection of 20,000 time pieces (arrive on the hour, for an unforgettable moment); the historic H.H. Holmes' House with the bars on his children's windows still intact; [...] plus many more intriguing sights"
The Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique
Clark Ashton Smith has been influential on a number of fantasy writers from Lovecraft to LeGuin, and also Gene Wolfe. This collection of homages, a special limited edition, contains Wolfe's story "A Traveller in Desert Lands". Writers include Dan Clore, Charlee Jacob, Brian McNaughton and others. This is an expensive edition and fair warning should be given that Smith's own writing was "dark fantasy" and this volume contains themes that are not suitable for all audiences.

Omnibus reprint of the Soldier series

A Walking Tour of the Shambles, cover

The Book of the New Sun Series

Shadow and Claw cover Sword and Citadel Cover Urth of the New Sun

The story of Severian, of the Guild of the Seekers of Truth and Penitence (a torturer) who is exiled from his order for showing compassion. Wolfe's best and most popular work. I highly recommend reading, and especially re-reading it. Originally published as four books, with a fifth book supplementing the series, the four books have been collected into two volumes.

Shadow & Claw
Collection of the first two books of the series, The Shadow of the Torturer and The Claw of the Conciliator. If you are a newcomer to Wolfe start here! Trade Paperback.
Sword & Citadel
Collection of the last two books of the series, The Sword of the Lictor and The Citadel of the Autarch. Trade Paperback.
Urth of the New Sun
A "Coda" to the Book of the New Sun, continuing Severian's Adventures. Trade Paperback.

The Long and Short Sun Series

Green's Jungles

These two series are closely connected. Both are set in the same universe as the Book of the New Sun, but the Long Sun chronicles the story of Patera Silk, a priest of the Gods of Mainframe: the computers of a cylindrical generation starship and the task given him by the Outsider, the forgotten god, first to save Silk's local temple from ruin, and then an even bigger task. The Short Sun series continues the story with Horn, Silk's student, who journeys across the worlds of Blue and Green to bring Silk to Blue.

Litany of the Long Sun
This volume collects the first two books of the series, Nightside the Long Sun and Lake of the Long Sun. Trade Paperback.
Epiphany of the Long Sun
Collects the third book, Calde of the Long Sun, and fourth book, Exodus from the Long Sun, of the series. Trade Paperback.
On Blue's Waters
Continuing where Exodus/"Epiphany" leaves off, this is the account of Horn, Silk's student, now older and living with his family on Blue, and his quest to return to the Whorl and find Silk. An intricately woven tale, as Horn writes about his adventures in the past tense, but interweaving his present situation after much journeying. Trade Paperback.
In Green's Jungles
The story continues as more is revealed about the status of Horn's mission, the dreaded inhumu, and Urth herself. Trade Paperback.
Return to the Whorl
The final book completes the series, and revelations about the narrator and the secret of the inhumu are made more clear (but still confusing!). Now in Trade Paperback.


Storeys Cover Island Cover
Strange Travelers
A new collection of previously uncollected short stories. Trade Paperback
Castle of Days
A collection of two works, Book of Days, short stories themed to various occasions, and Castle of the Otter containing essays and supplemental information from Wolfe on his Book of the New Sun. Plus 39 additional essays. Trade Paperback
Storeys from the Old Hotel
A collection of early Wolfe Short stories. Contains "Westwind", one of my (and his) favorites. Trade Paperback.
The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories
Cute title for a collection, huh? Trade Paperback.

Anthologies or Other Appearances

Sandman: Fables Cover 999 cover Cthulu 2K cover Favorite Fantasy cover
Graven Images
This is a new anthology of stories on the theme of the return of forgotten gods or other supernatural beings. Wolfe has a (very short) story in here, which I liked.
Other Voices, Other Doors
Collection of stories by Patrick O'Leary, frequent contributor to the Whorl mailing list. Wolfe wrote the forward. I have not read any of these. Trade Paperback
The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams
Contains a short by Wolfe, about Oreb, the Night Chough (from the Book of the Long Sun). 1998. Paperback.
The Best of Crank!
World Fantasy Award Finalist for 1999. Other nominees. Contains "Empires of Foliage and Flower", a story from the Book of the New Sun, which is very expensive to obtain otherwise! (The Cheap Street edition costs hundreds of dollars). 1998. Trade Paperback.
Sandman: Fables and Reflections
Gene wrote the preface to this Graphic Novel/Comic Book by Neil Gaiman. Good stuff that Wolfe fans will probably appreciate. Trade Paperback.
Lovecraft's Legacy
Contains the short story "Lord of the Land", a Lovecraftian pastiche. Trade Paperback
Cthulhu 2000
Also contains the short story "Lord of the Land". This one perhaps has more interesting other stories than the one above. Trade Paperback.
My Favorite Fantasy Story
This is a collection of the favorite fantasy stories of various SF luminaries like Terry Prachett, Fred Saberhagen, Katherine Kurtz, and of course, Gene Wolfe. Wolfe's favorite is a children's story from the 1800s called "Mopsa the Fairy", by Jean Ingelow. Paperback.

Other Novels

There are Doors Cover Free Live Free Cover Peace Cover Fifth Cover Devil Cover
There are Doors
A haunting novel of a man seeking his love, Lara, a woman and goddess from a parallel universe. Trade Paperback.
Free Live Free (released in February, 1999)
Wolfe's first novel. Trade Paperback
A wonderful novel with very low-key sf/fantasy elements, about the meditations of a man, Alden Dennis Weer, over his lifetime. This be good for the non-sf fan. Rather "Borgesian" in its themes and layered structure. Highly Recommended. Trade Paperback
The Fifth Head of Cerberus: Three Novellas
Trade Paperback
Devil in a Forest
A "juvenile", aimed at younger readers, though what I've read of it I've enjoyed. Trade Paperback.

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